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Shower your pets faster, easier, and cleaner.

Traditional shampooing only reaches the surface, leaving your pet's hair follicles and skin undiscovered.

We offer a deep-cleaning tool that tackles every inch without hand soreness and long washing times.

Feature & benefits:

All in one - Combines scrubbing, bathing, massaging, and showering in one device, providing a comprehensive grooming solution.

All-Inclusive Kit - Comes with an 8-foot hose and adapters for shower and garden hoses, providing professional-level care whether at home or outdoors.

No Hand Soreness - This product is adjustable to fit everyone's hand, removing hand soreness from gripping the product to hold it.

Premium Quality - Made from 100% FDA-grade silicone, ensuring durability and a gentle, thorough clean for your pet's coat and skin.

Deep Cleaning - The scrubbing bristles allow water to move the hair away, enabling deep cleaning down to the fur root and skin. This thorough cleaning helps remove bugs and debris hidden deep under the fur.

Adjustable Water Pressure - Features adjustable high and low settings to control the water pressure, catering to your pet's needs for a powerful rinse or a calming wash.

Ease to Use - The innovative 2-stage button mechanism allows easy adjustment of the water flow with one hand, so you can keep your other hand free to hold and comfort your pet during the bath.

Enhanced Grooming Experience - Makes the grooming process more enjoyable for both pet and owner, offering professional-level care at home.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 167 reviews

Wow, what a fantastic grooming tool! The PawScrub exceeded my expectations with its versatility and effectiveness. It's incredibly easy to use, and the deep-cleaning bristles ensure a thorough clean down to the fur root. My pet's coat has never looked better. Synthetic


omg this product saved my life!! my dog gets so dirty and it was a nightmare to clean him. used to spend hours trying to get him clean but now its super fast and easy!! the fur is shiny and clean every time!! and my hand dont hurt anymore from scrubbing. thank you for this amazing tool Synthetic


I recently purchased the PawScrub for my furry companion, and I must say, it's a game-changer! The multifunctional design makes grooming sessions a breeze, and the adjustable water pressure ensures a thorough clean every time. Plus, the premium silicone material is gentle on my pet's skin. Highly recommend it! Synthetic